Genius mind workshop by Alka Birdi


One of the primary parenting issues in this century is creating a environment for your child to study. This is constantly difficult as children in this day and age are exposed to technology in ways that are necessary for their education. This exposure to technology while beneficial can result in some distractions leading to poor results in the child’s studies.

Conventional methods of parenting won’t affect the child’s ability to score good marks. There are newer, more experimental and successful methods of parenting in such situations. One of those very methods is the super sensory development of a child’s brain. This complex term consists of lot of simple programs to train one’s senses when their brain is still developing.

Alka Birdi of Sai Holistic Healing, an expert of Holistic Healing says, ”Super Sensory development is a process of a person being able to focus on one thing at a time. We hold these workshops on a regular basis for kids of aged 8 Years to 15.”

“It’s practical techniques and introverted approach are designed to bring the best out of a child. The rhythm promotes personal excellencies and teaches an individual how to regulate one’s mind, emotion, behaviour, attitude and character. ”, She adds.

These workshops are necessary for today’s children as they get to learn the techniques of concentrating on one particular thing. This workshop has been held for over 40000 students in around 98 cities. With this kind of experience in helping children reach their potential, they hope to do the same for the children of Nagpur.

The next workshop will be held on the 16th & 17th September 2017. For registration and further inquiries regarding the workshop you can contact the following number +91-7030755991.