Mehtab Shaikh – Hair Stylist


Hailing from a small town called Adamgarh, Mehtab Shaikh has carved his niche in the field of Hairstyling. The urge to make it big in this field was already present in him when he was just a teenager. He started off with 10` for beard and 15` for a haircut along the roadside in Lucknow. He couldn’t afford a professional training but that did not stop him from going to Delhi for Jawed Habib’s workshop. He could only watch from a distance, but the trainers saw in him the fire to learn hence trained him free of cost. There was no stopping for Mehtab from then on. He now works as a professional hairstylist at one of the top Salons in Nagpur. He keeps himself updated with latest International trends which has earned him a huge share of customers who only prefer Mehtaab.




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