Richa Dhillion – Make Up Artist


Like any other girl, Richa also loves all things glitter, pretty and nice. But do we ever really think about making glitter our way of making a life? Not really. Richa did though and pursued it to gift herself to the world as a make-up artist. It all came as skill she can hone on to earn herself some pocket money while she would go pursue Hospitality and Tourism in Australia but little did she know that what looked like a way of getting some pocket money will soon make her realize that it’s her calling. She trained herself in basic hairstyling and hair cutting course and then all the glitter made it’s way into her heart and mind while on many shopping outings with her friends in Mumbai, exploring all shades pink and Richa realized that Australia after all can wait while she stays in Nagpur with her quirky and fun make-up skills. Making friends along the way who helped her spread the word about her new found talent and skill she has become a friendly name today in Nagpur when anyone needs to look their true reflection on the outside. That’s Richa for you- young, fun, quirky and your go-to make-up artist.




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