Kamaljeet, DJ Montz – Disc Jockey


Being passionate about music, I started spinning at local
clubs in Nagpur to learn more about the advance level of Djing. As a DJ I
like or love all kind of music but prefer playing Funky, House, Tribal,
Bollywood etc.

I always had a love for music from a very young age. Over the years,
this love grew to be an obsession, especially when I encountered the
sounds I can relate to the most: House , Bollywood &
Funky Music. Growing up, I was exposed to different sounds
from different cultures which influenced me to be open-minded and
well-informed about the diversity of music.
In 2008, MontZ was exposed to the sound of Dance Music. He was
automatically attached to this unique style, while his interest and
curiosity for it was increasing rapidly throughout the following years.
Nightclubs were always a major attraction for MONTZ. Experiencing
different styles of music being played at different clubs gave him a
strong understanding of club music. It was not until 2008, when he and
some of his friends experienced the ultimate nightclub experience of them all.
The club ZINQ was the beginning of MontZ’s real musical journey.
His experience there opened his mind to a very unique, and a spiritual
sound. House, Bollywood & Electronic Music was MontZ new obsession and
addiction. Constant playing @ ZINQ EVENTS only helped him gain more
knowledge and interest about the music. He has performed at various big events and also had many well known singers, rappers and DJ’s alongside. He also won the war of DJs consecutively for two years.