Vishal Goswami – Singer, Lyricist, Musician


He started learning guitar when he joined VNIT in 2010. He had an ear for music since an early age but never really got the opportunity to explore before. He participated in many events & competitions across Nagpur over the course of 4 years of his college. It was easy for him but what he knew & felt for was music. He conducts music classes, performs at cafes & restaurants too. But, what he loves is to play at public places like futala lake, children’s traffic park as a street musician. If you see people crowding & hear great music then it’s surely
Mr. Goswami entertaining the passerby and music lovers. ‘Appreciation is what artists look for’, is what he strongly believes. For a bad day he his own mantra. He takes his guitar & plays his favorite numbers. It makes him creates a protective aura around him. He also a lyricist and curates his own compositions. Because he says the greatest joy in one’s life to have freedom of expression. He is a melodiously blessed with this freedom of expression.He loves a quote by Kurt Cobain from Nirvana “Thanks for the tregedy,I need it for my art.”





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