Aditya Sharma – Writer, Producer, Director and Actor


Sitting late in his graveyard shift he randomly thought of quitting Dell to start film making. After his first short film Anhoni. He was introduced to the world of film making. A short film with no professional equipment’s, neither actors somehow amused people in the fraternity. He has Directed corporate films, short films, TV commercials, Informative films and a few Bollywood projects including upcoming film THE ZEROLINE and Nagpur’s first Bollywood release MIKE, Aditya has earned a National Award for best supporting actor for the play DISHAHEEN and an official selection in BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL. Recently he received The Gold Film of the year award as the Director/ actor for ACME which was Asia’s biggest film making challenge conducted by India film project at 50 hours film festival. He was also the brain child behind the much virally accomplished video HAPPY NAGPUR.




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