Feel the Yoga With Purva – April 2017


Is Yoga For Everybody?
Exercise is a vital part of a healthy life. It’s important for both physical and mental well-being. But finding the right kind of exercise can be difficult. Not everyone can run or lift weights. Yoga is one form of exercise that claims to suit everybody. But is this true? Is Yoga really for everybody?

Not Just Human Origami
A common perception about yoga is that it involves bending the body into all sorts of awkward positions. It is true that some yoga poses do look like human origami. But Asanas are only one aspect of yoga. There are many different kinds of yoga. Not all the kinds suit all the people. But most yoga poses can be adapted for a range of abilities. Yoga encourages people to become more aware of their bodies. It empowers practitioners to work at whatever level they feel comfortable.

Asana To Try (Parvatasana):
If you’re curious about yoga, here’s an easy asana to try. This practice also includes a mental focus. If you have difficulty moving your arm, do only as much as it feels right for you. Begin in a comfortable seated position. Stretch your arms sideways and slowly bring them over your head. Let your palms touch each other. Stretch your hands well without bending your elbows. Ensure that your spine is erect. Eyes should be closed. Think about bringing happiness into your life. Be still for a moment and reflect on how you feel. Then slowly come back.

This simple practice shows that yoga accepts the abilities we have. The issue of whether yoga is for everybody has only partly to do with our physical capacity. Yoga can almost always be adapted to suit whoever chooses to do it. In that sense, perhaps, yoga really can be for everybody.




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