Yoga for Breast cancer survivors


More and more women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. But it is also true that an increasing number are surviving.

Knowledge of examination and inspection of one’s own breasts helps in detecting breast cancer earlier. The number of cancer survivors is on the rise because of early diagnosis and effective treatments.

However, surviving breast cancer is not like going through cancer surgery and chemotherapy only to emerge feeling healthy.

Breast cancer and its treatment may cause symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, lack of motivation and weakness. Exercise and other integrative therapies, including yoga, can ease discomfort and may help patients feel better during their treatment.

Yoga has many physical and emotional benefits for all cancer patients. Yoga reduces stress and anxiety, which in turn can lower the heart rate and blood pressure. Breast cancer patients who practice yoga, experience many benefits, including increased energy, diminished anxiety and better overall quality of life.

Yoga is a feel good exercise and is a tool you can use anywhere: in bed, sitting on a chair or on a mat. One main concept to remember is that practicing it regularly is the key. It’s better to do short bits of exercise often, rather than infrequent long sessions. Do only as much as you can, but as often as you can. Remember not to push yourself or overdo in the beginning. If you feel any strain or twinge, simply back off until you are relaxed and breathing normally.

There are some yoga poses for breast cancer survivors-

Neck stretches, neck rotation, shoulder rolls, shoulder stretches, side bending, warrior pose.

OM chanting and meditation is also good for breast cancer survivors.