Unschooled Artist February – 2017


People are boxes of breathing stories containing thousands of memories and incidences. Everyone wishes to be heard and share their experiences. In this effort to be an ear and propagate their stories, I started the “Storytellers” series. This work is my subject’s story with my perception.

The baby wearing a man’s shirt speaks about this person being forced with parental responsibility when he wanted to behave his own age. His career was picked for him ignoring his passion which is represented by the paved one directional path. The path has it’s turns to show that it’s perks and downfalls are now his destiny as well. I associate society with ‘Newspapers’ because newspapers are what ‘other people’ have done, suffered or achieved in different times. Thus all his senses are covered with newspapers symbolizing restrictions by others on him from having a sense of his own. This pressure was affecting his art works which is why he has wooden hands. Wood is lifeless. An artist’s hands are like electricity for a laptop; you need it for execution.

Combined drawing and register paper represents his work. Grey surrounding him is the gloominess he felt. Dark Blue engulfing the painting is his sadness due to the force he was experiencing. Yellow, a happy colour according to colour psychology, is his inner desire to be happy. This maddening struggle between Blue and Yellow was resulting in a third thing; colour Green. Green is his reaction. Here I learnt that we see the Green of others but it’s just their reactions to what life has done to them.

Everyone is at a battle between their colours and the amazing part is that we can choose who wins. Each thing we do is always aimed to be happy and happiness is a choice.




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