Unschooled Artist October – 2017


Art brings joy to the dullest of the days. It stirs up the uniformity of the daily life and brings excitement to the surface for everyone to experience. It is communication. A personal customized language which enables us to feel our hidden personality slants and textures. I feel art should be everywhere our eyesight goes and be in every object we encounter. But what about those who are deprived of the visual beauty?

There are researches on how helpful Art Therapy is to reduce depression and increase the feel good factor in a person. I attempt to develop an art work that visually disabled can use to express or feel good about.

The first thing we notice about a sight impaired person is their black eye pieces and the red-white stick. To be honest, I find those glasses very depressing. I think the moment you see them you are sympathy stricken! And something far from joy starts hovering above you.

How about we turn those glasses into something fun and a reason to talk about other than awkward sympathetic things? The correct term according to Emotional Design is to make them “Reflective”. I wish to make them visually artistic, comfortable to use, proud to possess, a medium to express, something that adds to their personality, a happy thing to start a conversation with strangers and something only they can use!

This also reminds us how crucial it is to focus on the conversations we have every day. Conversations have the super power to change how we feel in seconds.

I really hope to take this work forward and make someone somewhere feel better in their daily life through this work.

The mentioned art work is on display in “Shades of Pink” art exhibition at HCG NCHRI Cancer Centre, Kalamna Ring Road, Nagpur, from 1st October to 25th October.