Unschooled Artist September – 2017


Choice. In today’s fast-paced life where everyone seeks happiness, it is necessary to talk about how happiness is a choice. We choose to be happy! Happiness is not some event in the timeline of our life which will ‘happen’ to us someday. It’s a road we choose while life is happening to us. Happiness is a choice. You hold the key to your own happiness.

Yellow is often denoted as a happy colour which is why I choose yellow in this work. I’ve used an umbrella to represent happiness. Your inner joy has the potential to protect you against all bad weathers of life. Just as an umbrella on a rainy day, happiness too is capable of attracting people to you. Everyone ultimately wants to be happy and crave for people who are happy in the truest sense. A real handle is attached to the umbrella’s handle to symbolize that you hold your happiness. I intend to make the person holding this umbrella feel empowered with joy and realize that they literally have the handle to happiness in their hands!

I am trying to repeat this work in places I feel the message is most needed. This is an attempt to make an interactive artwork.