A Green Quest


A little fact: Nagpur is the 2nd greenest city in India.

You may wonder, what is making Nagpur hold that position; who is contributing so much to make it reach that position. Because certainly we are not.

With the city developing at a fast pace with MIHAN, Nagpur Metro coming up, maintaining
the sustainability is our responsibility as a resident of the city.

And we came across such a person who is doing his bit and how.

Ajay Singh, a Loco Pilot by profession, believes not in feeding the birds but planting trees. This philosophy of his might raise some eyebrows but the purpose will fill your heart with wonder.

When you plant a tree you give birds a home to live in and food to survive. Why not give them a life when you can with a little gesture from your end, believes Ajay Singh. When he started off initially, he went about planting trees wherever he could; villages, towns,cities. Not understanding the motive behind his action, people have even objected and restricted him to an extent. But there was no stopping him. He would reason them out tactfully and win over their hearts too.

He has pledged to plant 210 trees every year. Why the number 210? Because he wants you to plant 1 tree with him in addition and make the number ‘Shubh’ (Auspicious).

Planting trees for him was all about his passion to contribute towards humanity. To serve the purpose he planted trees which were strong physically and bore flowers and fruits. Locating
places with fencing and planting trees like Neem, Gulmohar, Banyan which not only were beautiful and had medicinal properties but also gave shade.He did not miss even the barren lands. Reviving the dying plants there had given a ray of hope to the people residing.

They even started watering the plants during summers. As a gesture of gratitude, Ahay Singh gave umbrellas to the people who took care of the trees he planted.

This one man show has been diligently doing his part in creating a sustainable environment.

He has founded an NGO named as ‘Ayushi Arushi Green Foundation’ to spread awareness. He has not registered his foundation as he believes once you register it, people take it as a commercial prospect. Fortunately, Ajay Singh has had tremendous support from his family.

Let us do our bit too in support of this philanthropist and plant at least 1 tree each. If you are reading this, plant 1 tree and share a picture with us.

Let’s leave a greener world for our next generation.




  1. Inspiration….Beautifully written justice given to Mr.Ajay thoroughly by these beautifully written words…I hope keeps inspiring…Nagpur needs more people like this and it will be the best city🤘😊


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