Lights, Camera, Shoot!


Born in 1948, Pramila Madhukar Patil has witnessed young and free India: whose fire found its place into her heart. Fiercely ambitious, Pramila wanted to make something out of her life in those times when girls were denied basic education. She graduated in B. Sc. Home Science.

Her parents married her off to a serviceman when she was 20 and graduating. Pramila hailed from a family with a Business background. As a result of which, Pramila’s uncle convinced her husband to quit his job and move to Nagpur to start his own business.

Her Uncle ran a photo studio in Nagpur, where he not only trained Pramila’s husband in photography, but also gave him 90% ownership in the studio. Her family was well-settled, when after a brief period, her husband suffered a heart attack, as a result of which he became bed-ridden. She took up the business in her hands to support her family while her kids took care of their father at home.

She practiced photography in the studio and took up her first assignment for a baby shower within 6 months. And then there was no stopping her. From Weddings to College shoots, everything came her way. Pramila strived to produce quality pictures at all times.

Business truly ran in her blood. From prompt customer service to pricing the photographs, Pramila knew her business strategically well.

Her new found ways to keep up with technology advancement: selling camera films, albums, personalised calendars, had shaped her to conquer anything that came her way.

Managing her children, taking care of her husband, and the beauty with which she handled her business, are all signs of a brave heart. She has stood the test of time.

She has successfully completed 35 years of being the first ever lady photographer of Nagpur. Through an acquaintance, she has also been featured in 3 Marathi movies.

Today at 68, Pramila cannot recall a single bad moment of her life. She believes every situation/person teaches you something for your own good. You are what your experiences make you.

She fondly recalls the love and affection she has received all these years as a photographer.

As a woman, Pramila Patil has etched her mark in the history of Nagpur through her Art.

She is an artist AND a professional.




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