The Secret: KEEP GOING


Art is the fastest dart for Vidya Shukla.She is one of those ladies in whose dictionary art comes before any word.

She had built her passion for drawings and paintings since childhood. She became more enthusiastic when she started getting appreciation.She was focused that she wanted to make her career out of art, but education was important too. After doing her HSC in science ,she graduated in Fine Arts (B.F.A) and majored in the same (M.F.A) along with a diploma in art education for lectureship.

In the early stages she started working free of cost for various stage decorations and birthdays.She was doing quite well. But to get sources for raw material she started multiplying her work and ultimately her resources were multiplied.

She believes that the right technique and the dedication to practice it daily brings success. If you run after your passion money follows you.She does not work to look rich, she works to look young and happy.

She caters all segments of art in minimum budgets and has developed a bond of trust with her clients because she believes thats what keeps challenges alive. She has maintained her positive energy throughout her life.

After her husband’s sad demise she now lives along with her two kids who have eventually turned out as her biggest support system .She manages her work life and her kids help her in manage home.She addresses her kids as her biggest inspiration and they even end up assisting her at times.

She is phenomenal with all her art forms and shares a special space with miniature paintings.Her art works are flexible and always refined.She is always tempted to give her clients a little more than what they wanted.For her discipline is the foundation of a  successful and happy life.

She has abundant knowledge of all types of art mediums and techniques.She is familiar to some of those traditional artforms which many of us have never ever heard about(can you add examples?) .She is now a faculty member at Alag Angle and also at Raisoni Groups Of Institution.

She is an allrounder and wishes to be the mesiah of women empowerment.Her belief that art is boundless and should be shared as much as it can be, embellishes her.

Don’t limit your challenges,Challenge your limits.