The Rubber Man: Was, Is and Will Be


What would you choose between health and wealth? A wise being will choose health. But are we wise enough to work towards attaining it? Probably not.

Naresh Chintaman Bhandakkar has been doing his bit in motivating and guiding people to tread the way to a healthy lifestyle.
Born in 1961, Nagpur, Naresh Sir hails from a family with less means. They owned a small printing press which could earn them just enough bread and butter to fend their family.

In 1965, his father somehow got in touch with Janardhan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal Ram Nagar. He had to take permission from the reigning Bhonsla family to start his own Yoga classes. Many people came to him.
Naresh Sir was merely 5 years old then but he accompanied his father and performed Yoga alongside. In 1978, the press had to shut down as the competition had risen and the debts were high.

They had no source of income but a good PR because of Yoga.
At 19, Naresh Sir had no choice but to find himself a job. Being into Yoga since childhood, he started conducting Yoga classes with his friends.
He was named “The Rubber Man” of Vidarbha in 1980.

His immense contribution to Yoga landed him a job in Kendriya Vidyalaya Ambazari as a Yoga teacher.
Importance of maintaining health had been inculcated in Naresh Sir since childhood. Hence, Yoga had become a lifestyle for him. By choice of course.

The title of “The Rubber Man of Vidarbha” encouraged him to take part in State & National level competitions. A man of honour, Naresh Sir quit competing when he came to know about the politics behind the these competitions.It’s been 36 years in Kendriya Vidyalaya, teaching the children and imbibing in them the importanceof Yoga and its benefits.

Naresh Sir now also conducts regular camps by the name “Yogashree” in Nagpur as well as other cities with 35 camps in Nasik alone. A single camp is of 7 days, where the basics of practicing Yoga are taught. In total 86 camps have been conducted by Naresh Sir. His main aim is to encourage people to maintain a disciplined life with a time dedicated to Yoga. He has even pledged to conduct 1001 camps till the time he is alive for free. What’s more?

56 years of age. 52 years of Yoga. Not a single penny taken.





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