The Interview with Sanjay More (Students Favorite Artist)

In conversation with Mr. Sanjay More Sir who is like a silent river flowing through various mediums of art and always creating life where ever he goes.

How did you get into this Art field?

I was in 7th when my school teachers showed my drawings and sketches to my fellow students as an example. I realized the value of what I did just as a hobby then which is my profession and also my bread and butter now. I would always carry a drawing book and would sketch everything that amazed me. And what amazed me was the nature around. It purely described the simplicity of life. With my commercial art pieces and the caricatures I try to reflect the same.

So you knew what you wanted to do?

Not really! I just knew one process for what I desired. I was very weak in mathematics then and even now. I failed my tenth board because of mathematics. I did regret failing my parents but eventually my ultimate goal was to clear mathematics to take a course so that I do what I love doing, ‘drawing’. So I took a basic art course at Baba Saheb Dhone Mahavidyalaya, Akola.

Tell us something about your achievements.

My first achievement so far which I still remember, was winning a competition. The competition was for the plague awareness. My inspiration being R. K. Laxman, I made my caricature debuting as a cartoonist. I made a concept that revolving around Lord Ganesha (savior) and a big rat depicting plague for which I just didn’t win the competition but also came into limelight for my conceptualization.

There are so many genres, what is your forte?

Yes, I do all kinds of painting and sketches. I practice illustrations, a, b, c etc commercially but interest as a cartoonist has won me respect, awards and laurels from Sachin Tendulkar, Boman Irani, Sharman Joshi and few more. I believe cartoon caricatures are not just for fun but they are the right medium to spread social and environmental awareness.

Can you share some significant moments of your life?

Yes, it was 1992 in Jabalpur when I had taken part in a Zonal competition and I had won 1st prize. Then I had also won 1st prize in a National competition held in Karnataka. Then there was a competition conducted by Chhattisgarh Government and Cartoonists society, the topic for which was ‘Solar energy’. That won me 1st prize as well. Recognition has played a significant role in my life but it’s the positive influence I wish to create through my work on the society and my fellow Artists.




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