The Interview with Asad Firdosy

In an conversation with the humble, ingenious, charismatic & a true Nagpurian who has charmed us with his inventive work.

What Sparked the Artistic Design “Keeda” in an Architect?

As any Indian household, summers always meant ‘Dukan pe baithna’ and so I used to make my toys in our wood workshop. Those summers played a key role in making me fall for wood. In 1994 I started my own studio to further experiment with the technical knowledge I gained from Architecture. The aim was always to make Useable Sculptures.

What inspires you?

Mother Nature has been my inspiration. The fragrance of wood is now in my blood. One day I was looking at a banana peel and the way it was resting, I knew I had to convert it into a piece of furniture. That is how the Banana Chair came into existence. The process included making this sculpture do justice to its natural form as well as to make it ergonomically perfect.

What is the most memorable incidence of your career?

It could be the 8 day challenge. A doctor had recommended my chair tohis patient as a remedy for back problems. The client was someone with high authority, thus wanted a fancy chair which spelled his authority. I asked him to use Spinal Cord chair for 8 days and if even then he wished for a regular fancy chair, we would make one for him. On the 8th day the client called us to ask for the bill. Now he is retired yet he took he chair home.

What is it about chairs that you like so much?

Chairs are the only furniture that is in maximum contact with your body and it can have physical as well as mental effects on you. If a chair is not ergonomically right it can result in sore muscles. When you sit in a good chair can aid to work positively.

What does your family think about your work?

My father has been my guide, mentor, critic and my support all these years. Family has always been my pillar. Before getting used to it, my wife took me for a crazy guy as I used to notice furniture EVERYWHERE! Even while watching movies I spoke about the furniture in the scene. And now my son is also pursuing architecture so she has given up all hopes for sanity. (Laughs)




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