The Interview with Shagufta Mehdi


Q. How did you educate yourself as an artist?

A. I come from a community, Mahdi Bagh, where arts and crafts are passed on from generation and generation. It has been of great inspiration to me. Not attending a conventional art school had its ups and downs, but at the end it was a choice I was ready to make. To gain more knowledge, I trained under various artists and went on painting-holidays. I tend to get attracted to out of the box things and try to grasp art from various places and experiences.

Q. What is your style of work?

A. The term for my style is Contemporary Realism. I like to find perfection in the imperfections of nature. I am still exploring myself by meeting new people and travelling to different destinations. There is such beauty in mundane things that it inspires me to capture it on canvases that I can look at forever!

Q. What are the projects you’ve worked on and what are your future prospects?

A. The most recent project we worked on is the largest continuous airport mural in India at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur. Public art is something I love doing and it has a tremendous power to create a lasting impression. Currently I am preparing for my solo exhibition. I intend to do something unusual.

Q. May we know who has the privilege of collecting your art works?

A. Apart from doing public art, my set of private collectors are based in India, UK, Texas, Los Angeles, China, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore and Doha.

Q. What are your thoughts on Nagpur’s art prospectus?

A. Art adds character to a city. Nagpur has a lot of potential but not much to offer aesthetically. We can have more art exhibitions and art awareness programs. Thinkin’Nagpur is a great effort and is fulfilling its role as it has become a source where artists are getting employment and the unknowns are getting recognized. ‘Art’ is a labour of love but an artist is not a labourer.





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